3yrs-4yrs COMBO CLASS 45min class
5yrs-6yrs COMBO CLASS--1hr class
This class is offered to ages 3 through 6.  It includes 50% tap and 50% ballet and serves as an introduction course for both of these basic dance styles. The *combo* classes will prepare your tiny dancers for later, more specialized classes. The class will develop listening skills as well as general body awareness and coordination. Principles such as discipline, concentration, poise, grace, and confidence will be introduced.

The *Jazz* dance style covers perhaps the most territory of all: it encompasses a wide variety of other styles. Not to be confused with the musical genre of Jazz, this style of dance is not always performed to *Jazz* music, but can often use the popular music of today. Combining the basic techniques of ballet with the more modern steps found in pop and Broadway, Jazz is an upbeat, stylish, and versatile dance form

Tap* is a percussive style of dance. Special shoes are worn by tap dancers to create various rhythms on the floor. While the rest of the body is still crucial to this art form and general balance and grace are important, the fundamental characteristic of *Tap* is the sound it creates.  Tap classes teach kids an overall comprehension of rhythm as well as greatly enhancing their coordination.

This beautiful, expressive style is often performed to slower, gentler music. It is called *Lyrical* because its movements are meant to tell audiences a kind of story through dance. The form combines ballet techniques with the Jazz and Modern styles. An emotionally driven dance form, *Lyrical* depends greatly on the passion and interpretation of the performer, and not just the movements themselves.

*Ballet* is the fundamental, technical form from which all other dance styles stem. All the names (derived from the French) of the basic dance steps and related terminology arise from Ballet. The most classic and often serious dance form, Ballet teaches young dancers the most rudimentary terms and techniques and is monumentally important for all dancers to establish and maintain proper form. 

Any type of dance that is done to modern, popular music could be considered Hip Hop. Also a musical genre itself, *Hip Hop* is derived from an urban, *street* type of movement and is generally performed to funky, upbeat music heard on MTV and today*s radio. The style is known for fast, athletic movements and lots of popping and jolting, as opposed to the fluid, balletic types of dance. Hip Hop is extremely popular these days and can be seen virtually everywhere, from the clubs to the streets to artists in concert.

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